Monday, September 7, 2015

Benefits of Scrunchies

Over the years, there have been  this negative attitude towards scrunchies. It is deemed as a little girl item , and embarrassing. Set into our last in the 80's and 90's. But here are some interesting things that you might not have considered.
Scrunchies are harder to lose.
Scrunchies are more apparent in a thicker material easily worn. It contains a lot more fabric and is therefore easier to spot. So you won't be purchasing  new hair ties every 2 months.
Scrunchies  are more personal.
They tend to come in different  varieties  and are easy to make. Which is cool if you want to customize  it. And it could be a staple piece of your wardrobe.
They don't mess up your hair answer hair ties can make note in your hair or be very hard to remove. Leaving your hair with dents and breakage. But the softness of your scrunchie provides flexibility and manageability which we are all looking for.
Scrunchies  can be wore was bracelets.
Because they have so much material they can be worn as bracelet  that don't cut off blood circulation. Once again the fabrics and patterns  are all up to you.
These are why I'm saying we need to bring the scrunchies back .